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Monday, September 23

Be Seen with the Bean

Get ready for the Agape Latte event by stopping by "Be Seen with the Bean!" Get free coffee and other Agape Latte swag as you pose with the Bean!

Too Much on My Mental?

This program will go into depths and levels of African Americans regarding mental health. We will discuss why it is important for African Americans to learn...

September Member Meeting

SNA's upcoming member meeting will take place on Monday, September 23 in Gambet 153 from 4-5:30pm. The Career Development Center (CDC) will give a...

McShea Student Union

This program will be discussing the importance of mental health in the African American community, specifically in college students. We will discuss how...

Make and Take Homecoming T-shirts

On this night we will be making shirts for homecoming weekend. Paints, stencils, supplies, and shirts are provided. If you want a specific size and color,...

Monday, September 23